Sweet Jellybean Graphing

I created this activity when I couldn't find a jellybean graphing activity I liked, and I lost the one I used last year.  (Gasp!)  I know it's kind of late, but I thought maybe somebody might be able to use it?   We're on Spring Break next week, so I'll be using it today!

There is a graphing page (I created it to use with SweetTarts jellybeans, so the colors match the colors in the package, a sorting page (which I actually will only make a few copies of them since my students this year don't use them!) and a math page that has questions about their jellybeans.

I hope you enjoy it!

If you download this Sweet Jellybean Graphing Freebie, please leave me feedback!  I would appreciate it!

Freebie Fridays

Have a great day!