Five for (Saturday?)

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Five for Friday!  

1.  We had our Easter/Spring celebration on Friday!  The kids and I had so much fun doing and making lots of bunny and spring-themed stuff!

2.  We took our students on a field trip to Gatliland on Thursday.  This is such a fun, carefree field trip!  Gattiland is sort of like a Chuck E Cheese- I don't know if they have them too many places besides Louisville.  They certainly don't have them where I grew up!  The kids had a blast and so did I!  Some of us had a little too much fun!

3.  We took some time this week to do a little artsy fun!  We made crayon resist Easter eggs!  Most of them turned out really cute!  I took this picture before we had a chance to cut our eggs out- they were still wet when we left Wednesday!

4.  I found where I bought the bobbins for my sewing machine.  Yes, this is a big enough deal that it requires its own number in my 5.  I have a Brother sewing machine, and it says to use Brother bobbins.  Now I realize that all sewing machines say this, as well as pretty much every other product, so that you'll buy their products instead of the cheaper knockoff.  However, I have also heard stories about people getting things jammed or not having things work correctly because their bobbin was a smidge off.  And I had some bobbins that were Brother brand, so I KNEW I had bought them somewhere.  I thought I got them at Jo Ann Fabrics, but after checking out 3 stores, I realized that maybe I didn't or maybe I'm crazy.  I stopped at Walmart the other day for something else, and I realized where I bought my bobbins!  Thank goodness!  I only had like 2 left and I was getting worried! :-)

5.  I was a lucky girl this week!  I won 2 blogger giveaways this week.  One from Lisa of Growing Firsties, and one from Rachelle of What the Teacher Wants.  I won Lisa's April Common Core Crunch, and Rachelle's Fancy Word Activities Pack!  So excited!  I also won a giveaway from one of my favorite fabric stores, JoAnn Fabrics.  I wasn't sure which item I had won in their giveaway, since they didn't tell me.  I was excited when I got a package, and really disappointed when I opened it to realize that I had won a box of fabric... that had been cut out of and large pieces of the fabric were missing!
 I was so disappointed-what do you do with fabric that has missing pieces?  I knew they hadn't sent it because it wasn't sent from Ohio, but somewhere else, and I think one of the bloggers who was connected with the giveaway sent it out.  So I reached out to JoAnns and expressed my concern/disappointment (in a nice way, I hope!).  One of the ladies from JoAnn wrote me back the next business day and said that she would take care of it by sending me a $50 gift card!  So not what I was expecting!  It came yesterday, and I'm so excited to use it to get some more fabulous fabric and ribbon to make more taggies.  I'm participating in a craft show event in a few weeks, so I better get crackin!  :-)

I am off to figure out what I'm going to do for the rest of my SPRING BREAK!!! :-)  So excited to have a week off- and so many things to do with it! :-)

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