Making a 100th day snack!

I posted about our 100th day of school and some fun activities we did for the 100th day in this post, so you can check out that post if you need more ideas!

The last fun activity we did on the 100th day of school was a 100th day snack.  I had some questions about how I manage the 100th day snack, because it all seems overwhelming, so I wanted to let you know:  IT'S NOT THAT BAD!  I've been doing it for years with both Kindergarten and first graders, and I've never had any problems with it.  If you can get parents to donate items, you'd be even better off.

The key is organization.  I have my students working on another activity while we do their snack bags.  I've had graphing activities, 100th day books, etc... that the students can do independently while I pull a few students at a time to my table.  I usually only pull 2-3 in Kindergarten, because they need a little more supervision.  I try to pull a few independent students so that I can help the ones who need a little bit more help.

We created these placemats with 10 colored circles glued to a piece of black paper and laminated.  The students were instructed to put 10 of each food item in one of those circles.  This works best in Kindergarten because the students can see how many of each item they've counted.  In first grade, I just allowed them to put the items in their baggie.

We had quite a variety of items to make their snack.  The students take 10 of each item and place it on their mat.  Last year, I placed the items on a plate, but I prefer bowls or plastic containers because they take up less space.  

Every year I struggle with which items to use in my 100th day Trail Mix, so I created a list of different items that I can choose from.  I try to choose a variety of options- some candy, some cereal, some snack foods, and some baking goods.

Once the students had 10 of each item in their circles, I checked them and put them into a baggie with their name on it. 

Then they got to take their snack home!

I love the counting mats because I can easily see how many more items each child needs to count out, and they can be picked up easily and the items can just be dumped into their baggies.  

Another way I control the chaos is by telling the students that I will only choose students who are working hard and being quiet.  If I notice a child is out of their seat or not working, then I skip over them- and they know I mean business!  :-)

So that's how I manage the 100th day snack!  

The kids are always so excited about making their own snack, and they can't wait to eat it when they get home.  If I have extra items left (and I usually do!), I throw it all in a bowl or bag, mix it up, and give them a handful to taste at school. 

Have a Happy 100th Day of School!

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