100th day fun!

We celebrated our 100th day of school a yesterday, and we had tons of 100th day fun!  I have a few pictures and activities to share with you.  It was such a busy day that I didn't get pictures of everything, so I'll share the things that I did get pictures of.

I made this 100th day sign to hang on the door.  The kids LOVED coming in through the paper.  

We began our day by making our 100th day collections!

We asked each student to bring in 100 items.  We encouraged them to bring in small items that could be glued to a sheet of paper, such as pasta, cereal, cotton balls, etc...  We had a wide variety of items that included soy beans (that's a new one!), cereal, popsicle sticks, q-tips, and more!  All of my students except 2 brought in something, so I just had some extra cereal on hand for those who needed some.  

Then they used glue to put these items on a number 100 on their paper.

Then we made 100th day hats!

We use 10 strips of paper and I have my students draw 10 pictures on each strip.  You could also do stamps, stickers, or other small items and glue them on the hat as well.  

They made sure to count the number of pictures they had drawn on each strip before moving onto the next strip.

The hats take awhile, but they look so cute when they're finished!

Then we glue the 10 strips to a sentence strip, attach a little piece of paper that says "100 Days Smarter!" and I staple their hats together. 

Voila!  A 100th day hat!  
(You can see them in this picture, because of course, I forgot to take one!)

Another project we completed was 100 day gumball machines.  We used 10 colors of paint to put 100 "gumballs" on a plate.  We attached a red trapezoid at the bottom, and we had a gumball machine!

It was kind of fun watching the kids put the paint on their plates.  Some of them put their 10 dots in neat rows, while some of them just painted willy-nilly all over the plate.   

I was there to help them make sure they had 10 dots of each color and also for paint control! 

We also made necklaces with 100 fruit loops.  I've made these in Kindergarten and first grade, and the kids LOVE them.  In Kindergarten, they used 10 of each color (obviously with some repetition!)  So they may have 10 red, 10 yellow, 10 purple, etc...  In first grade, we did 20 of each color, and they used 5 colors.  

Of course, I don't have a picture of the necklaces, because I was busy helping students and I didn't get a single picture, but you can see them in this picture below! 

The last activity of the day that we did was our 100th day snack.  Check back and you'll see how I manage the madness that is our 100th day snack!  

Happy 100th day of school!


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