A 'Bright Idea' for Washi Tape!

I absolutely LOVE washi tape!  I love the bright colors and patterns, and I love that it's a pretty inexpensive way to brighten up everyday objects.  However, I never know when to use washi tape, because it's really not all that useful, except for decorating stuff.  Which stinks, because I have a lot of it, in several different colors and patterns.

I also love to make anchor charts!  However, I have one problem with making anchor charts that makes me crazy!  It happens most often when I am making a graphic organizer t-chart, like a box and t chart or a story elements chart.


It makes me crazy, but I'm far too lazy to get out the yardstick and trace straight lines on my anchor charts.  But then I have anchor charts with crooked lines.

Then one day, I came up with the best idea.

Why not use washi tape to make my graphic organizer charts?

It's bright and colorful, and I have tons of it!  A little bit goes a long way too!

So I tried out my brilliant idea.  And this is what I found:

The chart looks really cute.  It is definitely brightened up by the washi tape.

My lines are pretty much straight.

And I finally found a use for that washi tape!

What do you think?  Is this something you would try?

What is your favorite way to use washi tape?

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  1. Super cute! I love washi tape and this just gives me another reason to buy some more! Great idea!
    Lynda Curls and a Smile

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