Visual "I Can" Statements

I don't know if I have mentioned how beyond excited I am about my newest product.

I am BEYOND excited.



(How many synonyms do you think I can come up with for this?  Um, a LOT.  I'll stop now.)

I don't know about you, but I am TERRIBLE about updating my objectives each day/week.  We are required to post "I Can" Statements each week, but I forget sometimes.  Ok, all the time.  It's just one of those things that I don't find as important because I actually tell my students what we are learning that day before I start the lesson, so I don't think it's as important to post my "I Can" statements as it is to have a well planned lesson that meets the appropriate standards, is rigorous, differentiated, and the materials are all copied and ready so there is NO downtime.  So yes, I always have "I Can" statements posted, but bottom line:  I could do better.  Definitely.

So I created something that I knew I would be excited about, and something that I knew that I would be excited to switch out each week because I worked so hard on them.  Enter: Visual "I Can" Statements.

Basically, I took all of the first grade standards in each subject area, unpacked them so that each standard was broken down, and wrote "I Can" statements for them in kid language.  Then I added a picture to each of the "I Can" Statements that matches the standard that is targeted.  It makes it easier to see what meeting that standard actually means.  The standard number itself is written in the bottom corner of  the poster so that I can keep track of which standard I am meeting.  It also helps me to keep them organized, because I organized them by subject and then by strand.
I have created "I Can" statements for the ELA standards and the Math standards.  Science "I Can" statements for the Next Generation Science Standards, as well as Social Studies standards, are in the works!

My plan is to post these in my classroom, of course, so that my students have access to the standards we are working on and they will know what they are learning that day.  I also started putting "I Can" statements with my literacy centers last year, so I thought it might not be a bad idea to print these off 2 to a page and laminate them.  Then I can put the "I Can" statement with the activity they are doing for literacy centers.  I can also add them to my math tubs.  I think that is a lot better than just typing up the standard and tacking it on the activity!  I will definitely share when I get this done!  

In the Math Standards pack, there are 44 "I Can" statements.  Some of the standards have more than 1 "I Can" statement to go with them.  
Here are a few sample Math posters:

In the ELA Standards, there are 94 "I Can" Statements.  I have standards for Language, Reading Foundational, Reading Informational, Reading Literature, and Writing.   

Both the Math and the ELA standards are available on their own, but I am also offering them as a bundle.  Right now, both the Math and ELA Standards bundle saves you $1.  I am also planning on adding the other subjects to this bundle as well.  Just a heads up. :-)

Here is a little preview of the science and social studies standards:
Social Studies:

Have I mentioned how unbelievably excited I am?  No? Well, I can't wait to get these all finished!  I love hanging up my "I Can" statements now that they are so cute.  I love that they are cute but help my students and I stay focused on what we are learning each day.

This is my new favorite part of my room. :-)  I look over there multiple times per day and get excited over how cute they look.  Wow, I am a nerd, and now you all know it!
Yes, I like my things color coded.

Anyway, I really hate making my blog posts a "commercial" for something.  I had every intention of combining this post with some cute magnets I made for hanging up my "I Can" statement posters.  However, I forgot to take the magnets to school yesterday to hang them up.  I brought them to school today, and I hung them up, but I forgot to take pictures!  Does anybody else do this?  I have to go back to Hobby Lobby tomorrow anyway to get more magnets because I forgot that I had more than 1 "I Can" statement for some of the subjects.  Duh.  So I will take some pictures and share them with you soon, I promise!

The real reason I made this post (if you have read this far down!) is to tell you that I put my Visual "I Can" Statements on sale until Friday!  I have them marked down 20% off.  Click on the banner to go to my store, or click on the preview pictures or the cover page above to go to the individual items in my store.

How do you post your objectives?  Do you post daily or weekly objectives?  Does your school require that you do it, or do you choose to have them posted?

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week, full moon or no full moon!


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