Place Value Mats

I'll admit, it has been a busy week.  I spent most of my week preparing for an event I participated in where I sold my taggies and some infinity scarves, finishing up work for grad school (one assignment left for this semester!!!), and creating a gift for my friend who had a baby shower today.  So I haven't been around much, and I'm sorry.

Anyway, I just wanted to stop by tonight with a small freebie I whipped up for one of my coworkers (a Kindergarten teacher).  She needed some mats for teaching her Kinders about place value, and I thought I'd go ahead and share them. :-)  They aren't super fancy- just black and white mats- but they're free.  So who cares?! :-)

I am completely obsessed with the new Hello Literacy fonts that she uploaded a few weeks ago.  I logged on to TPT to download them onto my laptop at work, and realized that there were some new fonts.  I actually giggled out loud when I realized there was a font called "Poppin Tags" and another called "Ruhdonkulous".  I cracked up.  So awesome.  Naturally, I needed to use the "Poppin Tags" font because I LOVE that song! :-)  (Plus, it's a super fun font, and I always need more fonts in my life!)

I'll be back tomorrow with the winner of my giveaway! :-)  Can't wait!

Have a wonderful week, everybody!

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