Halloween Math Centers for Common Core

I finally finished my Halloween Math Centers.  I wanted to add more, but I just ran out of time.  Maybe I'll work on adding some new stuff to these centers and add it later.  It is for sale here for $3!  There are 6 centers included, which cover some of the Common Core standards for first grade.  All of the games come with directions, and 3 of them come with recording sheets so you can assess what your students know.  All you need are some dice and some cute little Halloween erasers as counters!

Here is a little preview for you:
Trick or Treat Base Ten- your students will match the base 10 blocks to the number.
Cooking Up Some Magic- an addition fact game.  Students spin a spinner to determine how many spaces they can go, then choose a card to answer.  If they can correctly answer the question, they can move.  If not, they have to stay where they are.

Time for Tricks- a matching game featuring time to the hour
Slide to 120- students roll a die and move that many spaces.  The student to get to 120 wins!

A new version of an old favorite!  Halloween Yahtzee!

Trick or Treat tens- students practice making combinations of 10 with these adorable cards.

Again, you can purchase these 6 awesome games for only $3 here.  I hope you can find this useful!  I printed it out the other day and laminated it to use this week in my math tubs- my students are going to love these games!

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