Currently March!

Yay, it is time again for Currently!  I was a slacker and never did the February Currently (oops!), but I'm ready for the March one!  

Thanks to Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for this monthly linky!

Here is mine! :-)

Listening:  It's quiet in my house.  No tv or music.  I don't have a spouse or roommates or kids, so I can control the volume. :-)

Loving:  I recently became a Pampered Chef consultant, and I am loving it!  First of all, I get all kinds of perks like free stuff.  I am working on earning a trip to Disney Land!  And I get to go to other people's houses and party with them!  It's a win win! :-)  I just got some new PC stuff the other day from a party I had, and I am so excited to use it.

(This is my new consultant kit with all my stuff in it!)

Which brings me to... 

Thinking:  What do I want for dinner now that I have all this cool stuff to make it with?!  :-)  It is much more fun to cook when you have fun new recipes and new tools to use!

Wanting:  We were SUPPOSED to have this past week off, but with all the snow days we had, we had to use them as makeup days.  We also had parent/teacher conferences this week as well, on Monday and Tuesday.  So to say I'm tired is an understatement!  I want some time off!

Needing:  It is 56 degrees outside, and I need to go work on cutting up some tree branches that are in my yard, but I don't want to!  I just want to go sit outside and enjoy it.  Or something that doesn't require work.  We're supposed to get a ton of snow and ice tomorrow, so I should probably get that finished now. :-( 

????????  Can you figure out the question?  I gave you the answer!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ooohhh, your Pampered Chef bag of goodies looks very exciting. My guess is your question must be: Where would I like to be?

    Elementary School Garden

  2. Hello Erica,

    Silence would be golden! I don't have children but my husband makes up for that in noise. I love Pampered Chef. They make such great products, oh I love the Pampered Chef bag. Totally cute. I love to cook but find that I am more inspired in the summer. Bummer about the snow days and I have parent conference this coming week. It's surprising how draining conferences can be. Rest up!