Day 6: A Whole Year of Blogging Blogiversary Giveaway

Have you heard of Tori Rebholz from Tori's Teacher Tips?  If you haven't, you should!  She is so sweet, and full of good information.  She just began a "support group" for teachers called "Teachers Talk to Teachers" where teachers can ask questions or answer the questions of other teachers.  How awesome is that?  It is on her Facebook page, if you want to check it out!

Remember when I said she was full of good information?  Well, you should check out her series of posts on the Daily 5.  She has one for each of the 5 components, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing, Word Work, Read to Self, and Read to Someone.  And they are all full of freebies!  She also has another set of posts on fluency. I referenced this post when I was working with a group of students on fluency this past year, and I loved this little poster she included as a freebie in that post. I used it with my students, and they totally "got it" because of this poster! 

She also has another great post about her Math block.  She uses the Daily 5 as a model for her Math block, and differentiates her instruction based on the needs of her students.  They can either meet with her, or be in a "Math with Someone" or "Math by Myself" group.  I've been trying to figure out how to do this in my own classroom, while making sure each student gets what they need, and it's HARD.  I'm so glad she confessed that it took her 14 years of teaching to figure this out, because after 5, I'm still not 100% happy with my Math block.  She also talked about how she uses word problems with her students each day, something that I began at the beginning of the year, but had difficulty keeping up with last year.  In her store, you will find her Math Daily 3 pack, which has all the information for setting up your own Math Daily 3 in your classroom!  Plus, she was so generous and agreed to give this pack away to one lucky reader!  Not gonna lie, I'm a little jealous!  This isn't something she usually uses for a giveaway (I feel special!), so this may be the only time you can win this! :-)  

In her store, Tori also has some great Social Studies units.  I feel like Social Studies is one of the subjects I have a difficult time getting to as often as I should.  I am so glad I have these two packs, because I know they will help me stay focused and teach about elections and geography.  Last year, I used the Presidential Election to teach about elections, but with this year being a non-election year, I knew I didn't have any way to try to teach elections.  Tori's Election Pack to the rescue!  Instead of using the Presidents, I will use this to do an Animal Election!  How cute, educational, and fun!  My favorite way to teach!
She also has some great geography units.  One of the ones I am really excited about using is Tori's "Me on the Map" unit.  This is a little booklet that your students can use to learn about their town, city, state, country, etc...  It goes really well with her Geography Challenge pack where students learn about maps.  I think even first graders can benefit from learning about maps and where they are in the world.  And you know they are interested!  When learning about Holidays Around the World last year, we marked the different countries we studied about on a map.  The students wanted to know where THEY were on the map, so we had to label our city on the map as well.  :-)  So I know my students would love learning about maps!

So if you haven't heard of Tori yet, run, don't walk, over to her blog, TPT store, and Facebook page!  She has so much knowledge, and she is so sweet and helpful!  

Also, another one of my blogging buddies, Growing Firsties, is having a great giveaway this week!  Please check out Lisa's "Favorite Things Giveaway" (and read about how she met Oprah!!!)

Also, I have another freebie for you today!  I don't know why it took me so long to do this, but I felt like I needed to create some "long term" plans so that I could write down specific activities I wanted to do during specific weeks.  For example, I like to remember that the last week of April/first week of May is Derby week, so I would write that down here.  I will probably go through mine and add dates in addition to the week number, or I may add the "school week" to the week number as well.  I just wanted to create something that would help me to plan ahead and stay focused, and I thought others might want to be able to use it as well.  There are 3 different versions:  black and pink, green and blue, and a blackline version, if you are like me and have no color ink!

I hope you are able to use these!  Click on the link above, or the picture below, to download your desired colors!  Please remember to leave feedback! 





  1. Whoo-hoo! How do we enter to win Tori's Daily 3 pack? I've had this one on my wishlist all summer! Thanks for the planning freebies too!