A Whole Year of Blogging Giveaway: Day 4

Yay for Day 4!  

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Reagan Tunstall from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits!  If you haven't heard of her blog, you need to go check it out.  Now.  She has some of the most creative ideas ever.  She can take the tiniest idea and run with it, and the result is just so cute, but the activities are still rigorous!  

 For example, take a look at her Puppy Love Literacy Centers and whole group activities.  These activities are so awesome!  There are activities about verb tenses, plurals, adjectives, and other literacy skills.  Plus, I love love love the puppy theme!  What kid wouldn't want to do these fun activities with puppies on them?  I know I would!  She has several other pet themed activities in her shop as well.  Like the Class Pet Writing Journal, which you can read about here.  What a great way to engage your students and their families!  I loved the idea of having the pet show up in a crate- HOW CUTE.  She also wrote about how she used another teacher's product, Puppy Palooza, in her classroom to increase reading engagement.  I realize it wasn't her product, but her post about it made me hightail it down to my parents' basement the last time I visited and pull out every. single. one. of the dog Beanie Babies in the basement and hoarded them away.  Yep.  Can you tell I love the pet themed stuff? :-)  

The Reading and Math Anchor Charts she created are AWESOME.  I have to post "I Can" statements in my classroom that are supposed to change daily (which I am sure most of you do too!), and I think something like this would be an awesome way to post the standard we are working on!  Plus, they are bright and colorful, which would definitely catch the eye of my students!  
The topics Reagan posts about aren't just fun and games, either!  She has some great posts about reading, such as this post on how she does book reviews, and writing, such as this post about how to teach first graders how to write a sentence.  I love her posts about math as well.  Her posts are so informative!  I think this product is also awesome.  I really HATE all the assessments we have to do with our first graders, and part of the reason is that these poor kiddos have never been exposed to the format of the test.  I love that this product allows students to practice what these tests will be like before they actually take the test.  I am so bad at test prep, I totally need this!  She also has Daily Math activities, the Rise and Shine Binder, and several book studies, among other things in her store.  So when I say she's one of my favorite bloggers, I imagine you now know why!  She is such a wealth of information and has such creative ideas, and I just love reading her blog.  I love it when I see that there is a new post from Reagan, because I know I'm going to get some great ideas!

Reagan has so generously donated her Picnic Pals Centers for Literacy and Math.  These are awesome.  Adorable centers, a cute theme that can be used all year long, and some great activities that help students practice the Common Core Standards.  The person who wins these is so lucky!

If you missed the awesome items you can win, check out my Day 1 post here.  If you haven't entered the giveaway, you can enter here at the Rafflecopter!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

As for my blogging surprise, here's a little extra giveaway for you for today!

I finally broke down and bought some vinyl for my Cricut, and I have been using it to decorate plain tumblers.  It's so much fun!  So I'd like to offer one of my readers their very own 16oz double walled tumbler, made by me!  The one in the pictures is one I made for myself (the E is for Erica).  I also made a few for my colleagues at school, except I wasn't smart enough to take a picture of them before I gave them away!  If you would like to win, please enter below!  I'll pick a winner this weekend!  

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I would really have to think about what I would like on the tumbler. I would want it to be perfect. Thank you! dbednarsk@yahoo.com

  2. I was already a follower of your store (asugrad96) =)

  3. Teachers go back to school Aug. 12th and students come on the 19th.

  4. I would have to put a black dog on a tumbler.

  5. I go back on the 16th! For the tumbler, I would probably put a some happy faces or baby faces to represent my 3 kiddies:)

  6. I think I would put "Ms. Kim" on mine in red.

  7. I go back on the 16th; teaching grade 2.

    FOr the tumbler, I'm not sure...flip flops? Depends on what cute things you have!

  8. I go back August 13th and teach first. For the tumbler I would have to think about it but I would want it in green.



  9. School here starts anywhere between August 13th and 19th! I'm substituting this year so that's when I go back, too :)

    As for the tumbler, I would choose an anchor and have it in orange & blue! :)

    Thank you SOO much for the chance & happy blogiversary!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  10. We go back AUg. 21.. I am teaching 2/3 combined class this year.

  11. My opening night is Aug 22nd and school starts the 27th for us! I'm teaching kindergarten and love it!
    The tumbler is a tough decision! I'd either have an orange giraffe with a "Stay Calm and...." quote or my name with various sized polka dots all over in bright colors, maybe pink, green, purple, blue and yellow?

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!
    Jungle Learners

  12. I go back August 19th and I am teaching 1st grade this year! As for the tumbler, I would love an K with turquoise and blue! Great giveaway!

  13. I go back on September 3rd, as a Resource/ESL teacher. On the tumbler, I'd have my initials "RC" with various colored polka dots all over.

  14. I teach first and go back on the 19th. Our open house is the 14th. I would probably want a tumbler decorated in black and turquoise or pink, maybe with the first letter of my first name.

  15. Our contract days start on the 9th, but I have already been in training for almost two weeks. Students start on the 13th. It's getting so close!!! I'm teaching first grade this year. I have taught pre-k, 2nd, and 3rd, but I have always wanted to teach 1st. I can't wait to get started!!! stockto2276@gmail.com

  16. If I won the tumbler, I would want owls on it with bright colored polka dots all over. Cute!!