A Whole Year of Blogging Blogiversary- Day 5!

I am just going to go ahead and apologize for my 2 day absence.  I didn't forget about you all, I was just incredibly busy this weekend!  Thursday evening, I had to use these movie passes before they expired, so I went to see Despicable Me 2 with a friend, and didn't get my post done.  Friday, I had a horrible morning, had to babysit my friend's adorable 3 month old, and work in my classroom!  My best friend was in town Friday evening through early this morning, so I was busy with her and some other friends!  Whew!  There was just not enough energy (or time!) left to get this done!  So I apologize!

Anyway, I am calling this Day 5, which means there are just 2 more days of this super awesome blogiversary celebration!

I am so excited to blog about another one of my favorite bloggers, and another (former) Kentucky girl, Katie King from Queen of the First Grade Jungle!

I believe that I started following Katie because she lived in Kentucky, like me.  I know that we all love to find people who have something in common with us, and living in the same state was one of those little things.  She, of course, no longer lives in Kentucky, and now she teaches 2nd grade, but I will continue to follow her anyway! :-)  She has some really fun ideas that are engaging for kids!

 I have a feeling that Katie is best known for her Busy Teacher's Best Friend packs.  These packs are full of different easy activities that you can use with your students in a pinch- no laminating required!  Just print, copy, and you're ready to go!  She has one for every month, and she's working on the Second Grade versions now. :-)  I know that sometimes, I just need a quick review or practice sheet for a skill my kids are working on, and my students actually do pay attention to cute graphics and borders, so this makes it fun for them as well.  

I actually won this pack from her awhile back.  I was so excited because I knew there would be some great activities in here!  There are full page sized posters, mini posters and flashcards, some picture/spelling cards that you can use for all sorts of activities (she includes some suggestions!), and some games and handouts.  I use the posters and flashcards when practicing these sounds, because my students really struggle with hearing the sounds of some of the blends.  Tr is a prime example of this!  So I loved that I won this pack so I can use these materials with my students.  And speaking of teaching blends and digraphs, I LOVED her post on how she taught her students the "sh" sound.  Too fun!  It makes me want to snatch up the post-Halloween clearance costumes just in case!

I love reading Katie's blog, and I was so excited when she started doing Techy Teacher Tuesdays.  There were several Tuesdays where she would post different iPad apps that could be used in the classroom for different purposes.  Since our school now has 20 iPads for the entire school, I was always looking for new apps to use with my students.  I love the iPads!  :-)  I took some of her suggestions to our STC and she put a few of them on our iPads.  

She also finds awesome ways to engage her students.  I particularly liked her unit on Poetry.  She posted some of the super cute poems her firsties wrote, and talked about the super cute Coffeehouse the class had to share their poems with their families.  I have always wanted to do something like this in my classroom, so it's nice to see another teacher do it in theirs!  

I also like how the products she makes are very versatile.  I think that, since a lot of us are teachers, we tend to make products that are more geared towards girls or girlie stuff.  Not necessarily on purpose, we just tend to use the things we like.  Katie has her Sporty Kids Math Stations that feature different sports-themed games.  Your boys (and girls!) will love these!  There are lots of great common core math games, and you could potentially tie these in with different sporting events, field day, or even just a unit about being healthy and making good choices.  

Katie has very sweetly agreed to donate her Money Mega Pack!  I wish I had this pack to use with some of my above grade level firsties last year.  But I will definitely have it this year!  It's a great pack to help your students practice their coin counting skills.  I know that money isn't in the First Grade Common Core Standards, but if you are like me, you don't care because you know how important it is that they know this skill!  I have a whole bunch of other things to teach, so I don't go into great depth, but I do hit this topic every year with my students.

So for today's extra special giveaway, I have a Chevron Banner set of your choice from my friend Sara Bibee!  Sara is a music teacher, and she recently opened her own TPT store.  She sells some decor items and some music activities as well.  She needs some new followers as well!

Want to win?  All you need to do is enter here on the Rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway I will choose a winner tomorrow!


  1. I would like to have the Teal and Pink Chevron and Solid Alphabet Pennant Banner!!!



  2. I am a fellow Kentucky girl too! I absolutely love Katie's products- and I am so thrilled to have found your blog too! I am a first year teacher and would love to have the Pink banner for my classroom:)

  3. I would choose the blue or the green.

  4. I think I would choose the green!