Back to School Postcards

Thank you for checking out my posts on Engaging and Connecting with Families!  It is so important to begin the school year on the right foot by building relationships with families!  Today, I am going to share with you how to use a Back to School postcard to make a positive impact on your relationship with your students!

One important thing I always do before the beginning of each school year is introduce myself to my students and make them feel excited about coming to first grade.  I do this by sending them a postcard introducing myself to them, reminding them about the Back to School social, and letting them know that I am excited to have them in my class.

Last year, I decided to create my own postcard to send to my students.  I was so excited that they came out so super cute.  I had mine printed at Staples, and I got 100 postcards (I can share the extras with the other 2 first grade teachers if I like, since I didn't put my name on them!)  It felt really cool to have a customized postcard that matched my classroom "garden" theme.  The best part?  The kids LOVE getting mail.  One of my students was so excited about getting a postcard from his teacher that he brought it with him to the Back to School social. :-)  What a simple, easy way to get off on the right foot with your students and parents, and get your students excited about coming back to school!

This is the postcard I created for my own classroom.  

This is just one of the many ways I have to reach out to my families and make a positive connection with them right away.  I feel that having the first contact be positive sets the stage for more positive interactions with the families throughout the year.

I take the time to handwrite each one of my postcards.  Yes, this takes some time, but it's worth it when I see those smiling faces at our Back to School Night.  I write the same thing on each postcard and just write the student's name.

I know that I really dislike the generic postcards you purchase at teacher stores and online, which is one of the reasons I made my own.  I thought there might be other teachers out there who also dislike having the same postcards as every other teacher out there.  So I created some postcards that I thought might coordinate with other classroom themes.

There is a Beach/Ocean themed postcard:

A Fairytale themed postcard:  

One that coordinates with a jungle theme:

This is a little more generic, a kid-themed postcard.   

These postcards are JPEG files that are intended to be printed at a vendor such as Staples or VistaPrint, or using the Avery postcard template that comes with their printable templates.  

I certainly hope you will check them out in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

How do you start the year off in a positive way with your students?


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