Five for Friday... kind of

So I have missed like the last 4 Five for Fridays.  Oops.  I even missed the June "Currently" if that tells you ANYTHING about how CRAZY this month has been.  School ended on June 5th for the kids, and June 6th for me.  Then we had a few days of PD the week after school let out.  I even gave a PD to a few teachers at my school at the end of May.  We had to get report cards out, awards written for each student, and classrooms cleaned up.  I am just going to go ahead and put this out there, I am going to HATE myself in August.  Usually I sort through paperwork and put files away at the end of the year so everything is nice and neat.  Yeah... I didn't do that this year.  Sorry, August Erica.

I swear, I had a good excuse!  Ha!  Well, I did, kind of.  I was busy finishing up my LAST TWO MASTERS CLASSES EVER. Yes, I had to write that in all caps.
I have been:
- finishing up my practicum binder
- finishing up a SPA assessment, which is all about being a leader.  I am getting a Masters in Reading, so I had to do a Reading Practicum in my own classroom this year.  Getting that all together was a lot of work!  - -research for Graduate Research project
-writing up 27 pages of findings
-writing another short paper needed to graduate
-renewing my teaching certification
-hanging out with my best friend when she was in town
-cleaning my house house
- and a million other things that kept me from doing anything that I wanted to do.

Long story short... as soon as I receive confirmation that my two papers were accepted, I will be finished with my Masters Degree!  My actual degree won't post until August, but I'll be finished!

So now that I have filled you in on all of that, I'm going to move on to Five for Friday.  Which is going to be more like Ten for Friday.  I'm going to quickly catch you up on my life before July starts!  I'll try to keep it short and sweet!

1.  Turned in the hard copy of my Graduate Research project.  27 pages.  And I did it in 6 weeks instead of 6 months!  I am anxious to get my results!

2.  I went with a friend to the SoFo Hop here in Louisville. One of the stores had this fun free project outside.  This is my version of the string Kentucky!  It was so much fun!

3.  While I was at the free project/SoFo Hop, the ladies doing the project invited me to a Louisville blogger event that was happening the next week. So I went, even though I didn't really know anybody.  I met some really nice new people, ate some tasty food, and hung out in a really cool local store called The Hanger  owned by a sweet seamstress named Amanda.  I'm really glad I went!

4. I also went to the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Faire a few weekends ago.  Steampunk weekend is my favorite weekend to go.  I love making a costume to wear for this event!  It's always fun to see the fun stuff people come up with!

5.  My best friend Shanon was in town last weekend from Virginia.  She stayed at my house, and while she was here, we did a lot of fun things.  One of them was to go paint!  We went to a place called Uptown Art where a teacher directs you to create your own version of a painting.  My friends Shanon and Laura went with me.  It was a ton of fun!  It helped that there were free wine samples!
 Here are our completed paintings!

6.  While she was here, we went to the drive in theater to see Monsters University with our friend Andrew. It was Dog Days, so my dog Molly got to come with us.  We had a ton of fun.  I love Monsters Inc., so I was super excited to see Monsters U!  When I saw these fun dog toys at Walgreens, I decided Molly needed to have them. :-)

7.   Thursday night was Alumni Night at the Louisville Bats game.  I went with a friend, and I saw a few people at the game that I hadn't seen in awhile!  Plus, the Bats won, and we got free ice cream and a t-shirt, so I was pretty happy I went!

8.  On Wednesday, I went rock climbing with some friends for the first time.  Not on real rocks, but at an indoor gym.  It was a lot of fun, but I was so sore the day afterwards!  Actually, I am STILL a little sore. I'm sure carrying around a baby all day and mowing the grass did nothing to help me!  (Sorry, no pictures of this! ) 

9. My sisters and I went to Kings Island with my dad for Fathers Day.  My mom had to work, so she didn't get to go.  We didn't stay very long, though.  It was supposed to storm (it didn't), and the place was totally packed, so we left.  Not like we haven't been there before.  I grew up about 20 minutes from there, so we used to go all the time.  

10.  Molly and I have been babysitting this little cutie!  This is my friend's little girl.  She is 2 months old now, and she is adorable!  I've been babysitting her when her parents are at work.  :-)  
 I'm sorry, I mean Molly and I have...

The baby was asleep in her crib, and Molly was laying by her crib, waiting for her.  Then she sat up and waited for her.  I also have a picture of Molly and the baby in my lap.  Molly lays with her and tries to give her kisses.  It is adorable.  Glad to know she likes babies! :-)

So that is a quick catch up of what has been going on in my life the past month or so!  Hope it was quick and painless!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Your painting turned out so nice! I did that with my mom, sister, and a friend two weeks ago- it was so much fun!

    I'm your newest follower thanks to the Five for Friday Linky.