TPT Sale/Freebie/New Product/What we're up to!

I hear all these stories about teachers who get these elaborate gifts from their students, fancy lunches catered to their schools, gifts from their PTAs or principals, and I wonder where in the world I'm supposed to sign up.  I guess I will just have to feel appreciated by you wonderful people! :-)  I'm so glad to be a part of such a caring, helpful community of teachers.  Over the weekend, I stumbled across a website called Get Off My Internets that was just FULL of negativity towards different websites out there!  Yikes!  I always feel like we're here to help each other, not talk badly about each other and put each other down, and I am thankful for all of you!

So I'm having a SALE!!!  My store is 20% off tomorrow, and TPT is offering another 10% off on top of that, so my store will be 28% off if you use the code TAD13. :-)

I have added 2 new items to my store in the past few days. 
Spring Sight Word Bang! is FREE for Teacher Appreciation Week only!  I am reminded each and every time that I upload anything to TPT that any freebies should be under 10 pages or so, but this is 22.  So after this week or so, I will probably price it at like $1.  Just so it isn't free.


I also added another informational writing unit.

Here are a few sample pages from this unit:



 Can you guess what we're working on in my classroom!?  :-)  I can't believe how many different versions or fractured versions of different folk tales/fairy tales I have!  Wow!  I'm wondering how we are going to get these all read in the 21 days we have left!

I still can't find my camera, and I'm really, really freaking out.  I went back to work today thinking I would find it there, but I didn't.  I called a few places I went over the weekend, just in case, tore apart my car, my work bag, and the bags I brought home this weekend.  I checked under my couch, under the seats of the car, even under some papers where I KNOW it isn't.  Nada.  I have NO idea where it is.  So not only am I freaked out because it isn't technically MY camera, but I'm freaked out because it has all kinds of pictures of my students on it! :-(  Including all their cute Derby hat and parade float pictures!  I NEED MY CAMERA! 

:-(  :-(  :-(

I think I may cry. :-(  Please send good camera finding vibes my way!


  1. I sometimes have the students help look for things. It is hilarious to watch, but they are thorough!

    Did you stop in the office or the copy room on your way out? In a friend's class? I hope you find it!

    1. I told the kids to look for it on Monday. They always find what I'm looking for! And I did find it! It was at home (I KNEW it was!) and it had fallen behind something. Thank goodness- it's not actually my camera! (It's the school's camera, technically, though it's mine to use.)

      Thanks for visiting my little old blog!