Five for Friday

My favorite day of the week:  Five for Friday!

1.  I got to see this adorable little cutie on Sunday!  Who couldn't resist this little face!  What a good way to end the week!
2.  We spent the week learning about weather. Specifically, wind and clouds.  Here we are outside observing clouds.
The kids loved being able to go outside.  They think it's really cool to see how the clouds affect the weather. :-)  Me too!

3.  As most of you know, it was Teacher Appreciation Week this past week.  Well, since our Principal "forgot" about TAW (don't get me started!), I decided to appreciate my own self with some Buy One, Get One Free Chipotle.  Yum yum.  And since I didn't have anybody to go with me, I got to eat Chipotle for dinner, and lunch the next day, and the day after.  :-)    

I also got a gift from one of my students today.  A yummy Kit-Kat and a $5 Subway gift card!  This student's mother also sent me a note earlier in the week on his weekly sheet to wish me a Happy Teacher Appreciation Day.  Since we got pretty much nothing else this week, I was extremely thankful.  Our secretary put together a candy bar for us in the office this week, and our counselor mentioned that it was Teacher Appreciation Day on Wednesday, which prompted the same student who brought me the gift to say "Teacher Day was yesterday!"  Yep, it was.  Makes you feel good to be forgotten, huh?  *No, I'm not at all bitter or upset about it!  Ha!  However, I can't express my actual opinion on the entire subject here on my blog, because I don't really have anything nice to say about it.* 

3.  My first knockout roses bloomed this week!  Usually I have a bush full of roses before Derby (I cut a bunch off and gave them to the Kindergarten teachers last year to give to their students).  But they're finally popping up!  I had 2 yellow roses yesterday, and several pink and dark pink.  I have 6 Knockout rose bushes in my backyard.  :-)  They're so pretty!
4.  I sucked it up lost my mind and joined Instagram this week.  What was I thinking?  Yeah, I'm not sure either.  I've been enjoying Clutter Free Classroom's May Instagram challenge.  

Here are two pictures I've taken on Instagram this week.  This is my dog, Molly, on her way to agility.  This little stinker is ready for a dog harness in the car now- she decided the other night on the way to class that she was going to jump out of the car window when I was stopped at a stoplight!  Thank goodness I saw a flash of white tail and realized she wasn't in the car before I drove off, or I would really be freaking out.  I should also mention she is capable of putting down windows in the car, and yes, she does it on purpose.  Too smart.
For those of you who missed it, this is my foster dog, Edison.  He's a 2 year old Cattle Dog/Beagle mix, and he is so sweet!  He's also very, very smart.  He loves toys, and has pulled every single toy out of Molly's "toy bin" in the living room.  Molly rarely goes and pulls a toy out of it, but Edison pulled out every single toy.  Silly dog.  Here is his foster information if anybody is interested in a very good dog!

5.  I just began another class this week (I'm almost finished!)   This particular class was supposed to stretch into the fall, because it is a research class that requires you to have access to kids to complete the research paper.  Due to some serious advising screw ups on their part (complete with a program switch in the middle of my degree!), I ended up with this class in the summer instead of in the spring, when I could have finished it.  Grrrr.  Several of us had the same problem, so our professor is going to give us the opportunity to attempt to do our research papers in the few short weeks we have left of school and turn it in by July so we can graduate in August instead of in December.  Since this affects my pay, I really want to get finished asap, especially since this is literally my last class.  

So... I need some great fluency activities!  I have some students in my class/reading group that completely ignore punctuation, and are just word callers, and therefore have no comprehension of what they've read.  And they read at an end of first grade level, so they really need to start comprehending what they're reading! Please let me know if you know of anything great I can do with this group!  

I'm very excited.  I took advantage of some of the great deals on Teachers Pay Teachers and Scrappin Doodles this week, and purchased some awesome clip art and a great unit that I absolutely can't wait to use next year!  

This was a total splurge, but I am so excited!  It comes from The Brown Bag Teacher, who is student teaching here in Kentucky!  She's looking for a job, and I could only hope that she would come teach at my school!  :-)   Seriously, if you read her blog, she is awesome.  I was too overwhelmed during my student teaching to be as together as she is!

I also bought some clip art from Ashley Hughes and Krista Wallden that I can't wait to use, as well as some great stuff from Scrappin Doodles! :-)  I hope you got some great stuff in the sale as well!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. So sorry to hear about the lack of appreciation at your school. My school doesn't even acknowledge TAW - not even an e-mail from the principal. One little girl in my class brought us a card with a gift card yesterday. She made my week!