Go Cards!

Unless you live in Kentucky, you don't understand the obsession with basketball here.  I didn't get it either.  But now I'm hooked!

And now that my Louisville Cards won the NCAA Championship, I feel the need to celebrate!  I'll be racking my brain tomorrow for something fun to do to celebrate the CARDS!  I'm sure the kids will all be talking about it tomorrow during breakfast- they talked about Kevin Ware's leg today during breakfast until I told them they needed to stop before I lost my breakfast! :-)  

It's totally nuts here.  Nobody is burning couches that I know of, but there are some people in my neighborhood shooting off fireworks.  We're pushing for them to call off school tomorrow.  It would be nice, since it's almost 1am here and I'm still up!  (And so are some of my teacher friends!)

So in honor of my lack of sleep, the uncontrollable excitement that has taken over both Facebook and this entire city, and the parade we're apparently going to have according to our esteemed Mayor, I'll be having a 10% sale in my store today- Thursday!

I hope that those of you who went back to school today had a wonderful day back.  My kids were awesome and so excited to show me their new shoes and haircuts! :-)

I'll be back this week with a post of some kind of substance. :-)

Until then... Go Lady Cards!

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