Five for Friday (except now it's Saturday!)

Yay for Five for Friday!  I love being able to look back on my week.  I was on Spring Break all week, so I have nothing educational to look back on, but that's ok sometimes! :-)

As I thought, I got next to nothing done on my break.  I don't understand- how are Spring Breaks such a time suck!?

1.  I reached 100 followers this week on my little old blog!  I'm super pumped about this!  So I've gotten some other bloggers together, and I'm going to have a giveaway!  I hope to get it live very soon!

2.  It's Spring Break, so I've been off all week!  Sometimes it's nice to have a break- but I'm not going to want to go back to school on Monday!  :-(

Especially since I get to watch things like this:  Molly, my dog, apparently got out of the yard one day when I was at work.  The neighbor down the street, who also has a dog named Molly, brought her back.  Then she got out again.  So he yelled to my other neighbor (on the other side of me) "she got out again!" and so my Molly came back with this giant bone she stole from the dog down the street.  (You know, the dog who is big enough to jump over the fence in one leap!)  She buried it in the backyard somewhere, because apparently she will never get treats again lol, and then she dug it up the other day to eat.  I walked outside and she had this huge bone in her mouth, and I cracked up.  I went back inside because it was a bit nippy out, but my neighbor said she walked around the yard for 10 minutes looking for a place to bury her bone when she was finished. At least she didn't bury it in one of my flowerpots this time. :-)  Goofy dog!

3.  Some of you may remember that I had a sinus infection and bronchitis about 2-3 weeks ago.  It has done a little bit of lingering, my ears have both been bothering me, and I've had one heck of a headache all week, so I took the opportunity while I was on Spring Break to visit my doctor.  He said he didn't see any infection or fluid in my ears, but he thought I might have another sinus infection (!!!) so he's sending me to an ENT to determine what the problem is.  I visited my doctor on Monday.  2 things have resulted from this little trip to the doctor:
1.  Pink eye.  In BOTH eyes.  So now I have ear aches in both ears, and pink eye in both eyes, and a horrible sinus headache.  On my Spring Break.  Because I'm just that awesome.
2.  NO ENT appointment yet.  I was there on Monday.  They're supposed to call me once they've scheduled the appointment to let me know when it is, but they haven't yet.  I'm super ticked off about this.

*Small rant*
Soooooo... I called my doctor on Thursday to let them know that my eyelashes were so matted shut that morning that I couldn't open my eyes, and that I hadn't heard anything about the doctors appointment.  Usually they're pretty on top of things, and I'm pretty anxious to go since my ears are still really bothering me, but they hadn't called so I was concerned they had forgotten.  The girl said sometimes it takes longer because they have to check insurance, etc... but I've never had that problem before.  So anyway, I'm a little ticked off about that.  They also said they were too busy to see me, and told me to go to Urgent Care.  So I went to my favorite place, the Take Care Clinic, where she gave me eye drops for my pink eye and said she saw fluid in my ears.  After the doctor said he didn't!  URGH.  Either way, I still have no appointment for the ENT and my ears still hurt.  So my doctors office will be getting a not so very nice call on Monday so I can make the appointment MYSELF.  I'm super annoyed because I've been off all week and have had all the time in the world to go! :-(

Thanks for letting me vent. :-)

4.  I finally got to meet this cutie!  Last time I was supposed to go visit her and meet her, I decided getting a sinus infection and bronchitis would be more fun.  She is SO tiny!  At a month old, she's still in newborn clothes!  She's so precious, I'm so happy I got to see her!

I look TERRIBLE in this picture- but look how tiny she is!  She's almost a month old, and she's still 7 pounds!  I don't know if I've ever held a baby this tiny- even my little sister was almost 9 pounds when she was born!

5.  I had a little bit of end-of-Spring Break fun tonight with some friends.  We went to the First Friday Trolley Hop, which happens downtown at many of the art galleries, stores, etc... in a part of town some people call NuLu (which makes me a little crazy, if you can't tell!)  We had fun eating all the food the galleries and stores put out (bourbon truffles, anyone?!) and admiring some of the "art" - yes, I use this term loosely. :-)  There was some... interesting art.  Then I had the most amazing grilled cheese sandwich from this food truck called Lil Cheezers.  They now have a brick and mortar store as well, and I've been dying to try them out for awhile now.  This grilled cheese was amazing.  So was the tomato basil soup.  The sandwich was the caprese, and it was mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinegar, on a wheatberry bread.  To die for.  I am hooked.  I may need to go back and change my favorite restaurants on the "Let's Get Acquainted" linky party post because this place was awesome.  There is another one with granny smith apples, brie, and grilled onions that I may need to try.  Who knew grilled cheese was so good?  Or sophisticated? :-)
This is what I wrote!

The second one made me laugh!

The guy who made these actually took them and made a stop motion video out of them.  There are 25 of them.  The guy on the right was break dancing. :-)

This is me with the huge guy.  I wish my friend had gotten his head in the picture. :-(  

Some more interesting art I took pictures of at 21C (a hotel and small art museum.  It has red penguins on top.)
It's very hard to see that there is a red ball in his mouth and it is zipped up.  This one was called "Jersey Girl."
This one was called "Stag Party."  We had to find the Artist's statement after seeing these.
 Then we met up with some other friends at one of the local bars.  We sat around, talked, and watched some of our friends play pool.  It was good times. :-)  

So that's been my very laid back week!  I am so not ready for it to be over!  I don't wanna go back to getting up every morning at the crack of dawn!  I want to watch Ellen and read blogs and sew on my sewing machine! :-(  But we only have a few more weeks left, and then I can do that all summer!


  1. I'm a new follower from Louisville! Do you live in Louisville, too? I noticed you visited Lil Cheezers and 21C!


    1. You bet!!! :-) Love this city! I'm a transplant from Cincinnati. :-)