Five for Friday and a Freebie!

Yay, it's my favorite day of the week:  Five for FRIDAY!!!

1.  We've been studying time this week.  So my students ask me constantly what time it is.  I love turning the question back on them.  Student: "Ms. Butler, what time is it?"  Me:  "I don't know, what time IS it?!"  Yes, most of the time they are wrong still, but we're working on it! :-)  We also made these clocks this week out of paper plates so they would have something to practice their new time telling skillz on.  One of my students even told me that he practiced time on his clock at home.  Yay!

2.  The weather was gorgeous this week, so we spent some time outside planting!  Our school is an Environmental Magnet, so we have all kinds of wonderful programs and environmental areas around our building.  We have a garden outside my window, a pond, a walking trail, reading trees, and some other awesome areas for teaching environmental education!  So we spent some time this week out in our garden planting seeds!  I believe we were planting sugar snap peas!  Can't wait to have those for a snack! :-)

3.  I love spring!  My tulips bloomed this week.  So excited!  (Of course, we're supposed to get frost tonight, which really SUCKS.  Isn't it April 19th?!)  I can't wait to play in my garden this weekend- my yard looks terrible.  The grass is seriously knee height from all the rain we've had and the fact that I haven't had time to mow!  :-(

4.  I had some time for a little crafty endeavor this weekend!  I participated in a local event called the "Mighty Kindness" with a friend.  She sold her tree paintings and necklaces, and I sold my taggies, some jewelry I made, and infinity scarves.  I even managed to make a little bit of money, which was very exciting!  Plus, the people were all SO NICE.  Which I suppose is appropriate for an event called the "Mighty Kindness", right? :-)
This is me wearing one of the infinity scarves.  I love these things.  And I love chevron!  I had a really hard time not keeping them all for myself!  

I also had a chance to make a gift for my friend Laura who is having a baby sometime in the next week or two!  Her baby shower was on Sunday.  Her sister in law is making letters for above the crib, but I REALLY wanted to make letters, so I made a "V" for her door.  Now I want to make more.  I may have to make myself a "B" for my door.  Maybe one for each season.  And my classroom. :-)  HA!

I am hoping for more time this weekend to do more crafty stuff for baby "V"!  

5.  We had an Earth Day celebration at school today!  There were tons of activities from many local businesses, farmers, and some were led by teachers.  The students got to "Spin the Wheel of Science" and answer a science question, get an environmental themed tattoo, see how different types of materials can be remade into something else, and create an "energy bead bracelet", among other fun things!
One of the fourth graders helps my student make his bracelet.  When they went outside, the beads changed colors!  How cool?  

Making tree art from recycled bottle caps!

Creating "flowers" from the tops of plastic water bottles!

Recycling sort.  This was fun until one of my students cut his finger on the can, bled like crazy, and possibly had to go get stitches.  Yikes.  His mother was really nice about it though, thank goodness.  Yikes, that was quite a cut!

We also got to see baby chicks and baby goats!  One of the goats was only a week old!

I made a new friend!  He hung out on my hand for like 10 minutes!


It was a great time! :-)

Here is something I made to do with my students.  I uploaded it to Teachers Pay Teachers as a freebie if you  want to use it on Earth Day!  It's not fancy at all, but we have been reading lots of Environmental/Earth Day books, and I wanted to give my students the opportunity to write about what they have learned.

I also chose a winner for my giveaway!  Sorry it took me so long- I was hoping to do it last weekend and had a kind of last minute baby shower instead, and this week was busier than I thought, so ... sorry.  
a Rafflecopter giveaway Congratulations!

Have a great weekend, all!  


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