Five for Friday!

It's time for Five for Friday. Do you know why I like Five for Friday so much? Because that means it is FRIDAY! My week was actually pretty awesome, and I can't wait to share it with you!  I'm a little late, because I spent like 5 hours last night and 3 this morning sewing sewing sewing!  And the rest was spent sleeping.  So now I have time to write my post.  Sorry it's late!

1.  Since we were off school all week last week, we spent every afternoon this week celebrating Dr. You-know-who.  Since I managed to leave my camera at home this week, I don't have too many pictures to share with you, but I do have a couple.  I haven't hung everything up yet, so I'll have more pictures and a run down next week!

We read The Lorax and made these adorable truffula trees.  Then we wrote about how we will help the Earth.  After we read the book (we actually read it twice), the students and I discussed what Dr. You Know Who was trying to teach us.  We actually had the most insightful conversation!  One of the students connected how the character in Yertle the Turtle was hurting other people and only thinking of himself and not realizing he hurt them.  Then another student pointed out how Mack in Yertle was trying to help Yertle make good choices, while the Lorax in The Lorax was trying to help the Onceler make good choices.  Then we talked about how sometimes some people hurt other people without realizing it.  One student, who was actually visiting from another class that day due to an altercation in his classroom, pointed something really thoughtful and deep out, but of course, I can't remember what it was!  If I remember, I'll have to share, because it was really awesome.  It had to do with how people hurt others without realizing it, and how you can do terrible things without realizing it, but I can't remember his exact words.  Big stuff from 6 and 7 year olds! 

We also read Yertle the Turtle and made these cute little turtles, which were drawn by me that very day!  They looked terrible on the paper, but they look cute when the kids cut them out!  Then the kids wrote about how Yertle was a bucket dipper because of his actions.  We also read The Sneetches, which is one of my favorite Dr. books!  (along with The Lorax!) We also did some other fun activities, including trying Green Eggs and Ham!  One student said "This is going to be good because Ms. Butler cooked it!"  Boy, I'm glad they have faith in me, because I don't!!!

2.  One of my coworkers had a baby shower this week for her little girl, who is due to be born in like a week!  :-)  I made her a blanket for her little girl.  Holy cow, this thing took forever!  But it was so worth it!  And I loved this fabric so much, I actually bought some for myself.  You know, for when I eventually (ha ha, never!) have kids  I'm just afraid they won't have any when that day comes, especially since it seems like it never will.  

3.  Our school book fair was this week.  This means it was time for my favorite after school family type event:  Bingo for Books!  8 students from my class came.  In my school, that is a LOT!  I was so excited to see them all there and play Bingo with them!  Plus, there are nachos and I love nachos.  :-)  Bingo for Books is an event where families come and play Bingo.  If you win, you get a gift certificate for the Book Fair, which my librarian moves to the gym/cafeteria just for the event.  It's a ton of fun.  I'm so glad I didn't have class this week so I could attend!

4.  We worked on our informational books this week (and what seems like forever!) for our Writing Celebration that is next week.  O.M.G.  These books are seriously amazing!  I worked with all of the kids on their books, of course, and read each and every one of them, but I really sat down and looked at them the other day, and I swear, I had tears in my eyes because I was SO proud of them!  They are amazing!  Some of them even had text features such as labeled pictures and diagrams (yes, diagrams!!!) without me even making it a requirement!  I am just so proud of what they have accomplished!  I can't wait for their parents to see them next week during our Writing Celebration.

Here is one of the pages out of one of their books.  I have a whole lot more, but Blogger is being a pain and won't let me upload.  Plus, I have enough that I probably need to make a whole post!  

 I love the diagram of the skin and blubber!  The underlined words are words that the kids put in their glossaries.

5.  I've been making taggie blankets, and everybody keeps telling me how much they love them and that I should sell them.  So I decided I'd try!  So I participated in a craft fair this weekend.  Actually, it was today.  I spent pretty much the last two weeks sewing.  And then I went... and I didn't sell anything.  The place was so dead because the sale wasn't advertised very well.  Luckily the table fee was only $10!  It was at a Veterans Hall, so most of the people who were there were older, and apparently none of them had grandbabies.  It sucked.  One lady wants me to make a monkey, so I'm going to, but I'm sure she won't end up buying it.  Oh well, I can send it to someone else if not.  But while I was there, I won a 31 bag-thing (it's pretty small... maybe a craft stuff holder?).  And I traded one of my products with another girl for a pair of pretty fleur-de-lis earrings and 2 key fobs.  One for me, and one for a friend.  :-)  The key fob has a fleur-de-lis on it too.  So, while I didn't make a single sale, I did manage to get something out of the day.  And then I came home and posted that I didn't make any sales, and 3 of my friends (all from high school) contacted me saying they wanted one for their babies!  WOW!  So that worked out for me, I guess!  I'm so excited that somebody wants my stuff!  So I'll be mailing 2 of them off and delivering the other during my Spring Break, which means I get to see an old friend that I haven't seen in 10 years! :-)

Correction:  As I was writing this post, I had 2 more people request monkeys.  It's a good thing I love monkeys!!!  I now have to make 3 monkeys.  Too funny!

I actually have an Etsy shop that I never use, so I'll be posting the unsold ones there.  And making more, of course!  I also found out about another event in April, where the table fee is $30, and I may have to sign up for that event as well.  We'll see.

So that's my week!  How was yours?


  1. Your sewing projects are CUTE! You just didn't have the right kind of exposure, I am sure you'll be able to grow that into a productive business if that is what you want to do! I'll be watching for the rest of your Dr. Suess pics/post. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! I think they're pretty adorable myself. But the problem is that they were too specific, and a lot of people stopped by, but they didn't know anybody who was having a baby or had kids that were too old, etc... But a lot of people thought they were cute, so that's a good sign!

      Thanks for stopping by! I'll get my Dr. Seuss post up sometime this week!


  2. These are so cute! My I ask what is a taggie blanket? Thank you for letting me know!

    1. A taggie blanket is a small toy for a baby. You know how babies like to hang onto the tags of toys and blankets and such? Well, the taggie blankets capitalize on that idea by creating a blanket that has all kinds of tags! Usually they are small and square, but I decided to get creative and make mine into animals! :-) I hope that answers your question!