Five for Friday

I can't believe it's already March! I'm doing Five for Friday tonight, but now that I think about it, I guess I better go ahead and look for the March Currently too!  Where did February go?

1.  We only had school one day this week.  This week was built in snow make up days.  We have only had 1 snow day this year, so Monday was the only day we went to school.  So I decided we were going to do something fun!  We made snow!

I got the idea from Faith Wheeler of First Grade Fantabulous.  She made snow with her class a few weeks back, and I loved the idea!  So I asked my parents to send in baking soda by the truckload, and I purchased several bottles of conditioner.  The kids had no idea what we were making, but I let them help me pour some of the baking soda in the bucket and we predicted if it would turn out to be a solid or liquid since we just studied solids and liquids.  We used our senses to explore, and wrote about what it looked like, felt like, and smelled like.  They said it looked like deodorant!  It was hilarious!  Once we had used our senses to write, they all made a snowman and wrote about the steps necessary to make a snowman.  We talked about those pooooor kids in Florida who never have enough snow to make a snowman!  Ha ha ha!  

We even had melted snowmen!

I loved it when one of my students started building a "heaping tall mountain of snow" a la "The Snowy Day".  She used a raisin to make Peter climbing up.  Adorable.  (We read The Snowy Day last week.  Very appropriate!)

2.  On one of my days off, I spent it babysitting for 2 little boys I've been babysitting for since I was in college.  I started babysitting for this family when they only had 2 children; now they have 4.  The oldest is 11 and the youngest is 3.  3 boys and 1 girl.  The mom took the oldest and the youngest with her, so I was left with the 9 year old and 6 year old.  They spent most of the day playing with a Lego Death Star, wrestling, reading, doing origami, and drawing.  It was so funny watching them interact with each other.  The older one is really into origami, and he's pretty good at it.  The younger one wanted to do everything his older brother wanted to do, but he had some difficulty keeping up.  I watched him try to do the origami, and I just knew he wasn't going to be able to do it and started to get frustrated.  I went over and tried to help him a bit.  I thought it was so funny how the two interacted and the difference between a 9 year old and a 6 year old.  It was interesting.  Then the dad left for work and forgot to pay me, so I got the check in the mail today, and it was a nice surprise! :-)  

While I was babysitting the other day, I brought my pens and sketchpad, because I knew there would be some point where they would be doing something like playing on the computer, and I was right.  So the 9 year old was reading and the 6 year old was coloring, and I was drawing in my sketchpad.  The 6 year old came over to me and said "I want to do what you're doing."  Each of the kids had their own sketchpad, so I told him to go get his, and he went and grabbed it and a pen.  
Um... those drawings are seriously awesome.  They are pirates.  I can't believe how detailed these drawings were.  I had to take a picture!  

I was working on this:

and something else as well.  But it's nowhere near ready yet!

3.  Also, when I was babysitting the other day, I just so happened to check my email on my phone, and happened to have an email from the 3am Teacher.  Her birthday was last week, and she had a giveaway on her blog where you had to determine if some random facts about her life were true or false.  Since many people were able to guess more or less correctly, she chose a number, and I was that number!  As a result, I won EVERYTHING in her Teachers Pay Teachers store!  Believe me, that's a whole lot of stuff!!!  She has started to send me some of the stuff from her store, and I am so excited to use it!  :-)  This girl has some seriously cute graphics, digital papers, and borders.  I have some of her freebies that I love, and she has a lot of great freebies in addition to the wonderful products in her store.  You should check them out if you are unfamiliar with her work!  

*End commerical*  
HA HA HA.  Sorry, I didn't mean to sound like a commercial- I am just very, very excited!

4.  Today were our Parent/Teacher conferences.  Mine all went pretty well, though I only had 9 conferences, and 5 of them were phone conferences, which I despise.  I like to be able to show parents stuff and give them stuff to use at home, and you just can't do that with a phone conference!  But all of my conferences went pretty well.  And I had several parents talk about how their kids love me and come home and talk about "Ms. Butler this, Ms. Butler that" at home.  :-)  It made me feel good!

5.  My sister turns 26 in a few weeks, but since she's the world traveler she is, and because of her strange schedule at her job, I wasn't going to be able to celebrate her birthday with her until April.  She's working the next 2 weekends, and then she's leaving for Norway and a few other places for 13 days.  So I took an impromptu trip to my mom and dad's on Wednesday night to celebrate her birthday with her.  I went up after class on Wednesday and my mom, Kristen, and I went out to lunch on Thursday.  I wish I could see her on her ACTUAL birthday, since I haven't been able to do so since like 2009 (she lived in Seattle until August), but since her birthday is on a Tuesday, I just don't see that happening! :-(  

While I was up there, though, I met up with my friend Matt briefly because he printed out a few things for me to use in my classroom, and he introduced me to Cincinnati's newest radio station:  The Project.  It turns out that the radio station is on iHeart Radio and you can listen to it online.  If you like alternative/rock music, you will like this station.  Just in the little bit I've listened to it, I've heard Awolnation, The Counting Crows, The Black Keys, The Foo Fighters, Fuel, and some other really great bands!  I just wish I could listen to it in my car down here in Louisville! :-(  I think my poor little 11 year old Accord needs the iHeart Radio App in the car!  :-)

But what really made my week?

I got my Thin Mints!

Apparently, though, my mom doesn't understand the concept of "I need all the Thin Mints". :-(  Fail.

Everybody, have a great weekend!


  1. First of all...awesome on winning that giveaway! AND thin mints are my all time favorite. I have two boxes in the freezer and maybe another box on the way from one of my former students :-/ It's a weakness!
    Found you through the linky btw..cute blog :)
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

    1. Thin Mints are my favorite too! I bought 4 boxes, and I have another box in my classroom. Plus a few more boxes stashed away somewhere. Glad to know I'm not the only one!


  2. I am always jealous of American bloggers and their food posts! I grew up watching NBC on Saturday mornings - Saved by The Bell anyone? and I ALWAYS wanted the cereal but we don't have it in Canada. And now these thin mints all over people's blogs! I feel very food sad in Canada today :) Please think of me when you eat them. :)

    1. Aaawww, you poor thing! You need some Thin Mints! They really are the best ever. I buy them every single year. I didn't realize they didn't have them in Canada. There has to be a way to get some there. Maybe you can chopper some in or something. :-) I will definitely think of you when I eat my cookies!

  3. So nice to meet you through the 5 for Friday linky! You had a wonderful week! The melting snowmen are so cool! Happy to be your newest follower!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  4. LOVE the fake snow... what a great opportunity for your kiddos! How exciting that you WON that mega giveaway!!! You have a right to be giddy with excitement.
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten