Yes, I am a slacker

I've been slacking off lately, I guess!  I can't even remember the last time I posted!  Last week?  Maybe...  it has been such a busy week this week!  I had this huge concept map assignment due for class (that I got a 100% on!  Go me!) and a friend's baby shower this weekend, so I've spent like every free minute sewing.  And I still didn't finish the project I'm working on for her.  I guess it's a good thing she's having another baby shower at work in a few weeks, because I might actually get this gift finished by then!

But last weekend, I did manage to whip something up that I am dying to share with you!  I was thinking ahead, and I created this cute little game for you.  (OK, and me!)  My students played a version of Bang around Christmas time, and they just loved it!  So I created a version for St. Patrick's Day.  And yes, it's a freebie!  (I've been slacking in that area too.)  You can get it here.

These are the directions cards.  There are 2 versions.  One is "if you don't know the word, have a friend help you" and the other is "if you don't know the word, put the card back in the container" because I know people like to play different ways.

There are cards with 1st grade words and Kindergarten words, as well as a blank page of words that you can fill in your own words if you wish.

If you grab the hat, the Leprechaun escaped!  You have to put all your cards back.

I hope you and your students enjoy this freebie!  If you download, please leave me some love by way of feedback, either here or at my TPT store!

Want to hear a slightly funny story about this?  I asked a friend of mine to print it out for me, because I am currently without a printer, and I sent it to him to print out.  Later that day, I got a text that said "Leprechaun Bang doesn't sound like an appropriate game for first graders."  I knew he was going to say something!  I had to explain that it's more like "Bang, you're dead" than what HE was thinking of!  It made me laugh quite a bit.  But I kept the name anyway, because it made me laugh. :-)  So I hope nobody is offended!

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  1. Super cute and hilarious story about the title! Lol..I am your newest follower. I found your blog through the Classroom Freebies linky.
    Literacy Spark

    1. Thanks! I thought it was hilarious when I got that text! :-) Thanks for visiting! I hope you like the freebie!

  2. I've never played 'Bang' but now I cannot wait! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

    1. I never played it until I started getting into TPT and Pinterest. My students played it at Christmas and loved it! So I thought I'd make them a new version! Hope your students love it!