Getting Organized

This weekend, I finally got fed up looking through all the backgrounds, borders, and clip art I have on my computer while trying to create different things.  So I decided to organize them so that things were easier to find.  

I organized my files into these categories:  images, backgrounds, alphabets, and borders.

For the background, alphabets, and borders, so far, that's fine.  I don't have nearly as many of those.  But all that clip art!  Even with just having a folder for clip art, there is still a ton of it!  So my question is... how do you organize your clip art?

Some methods I've considered are by author/creator (such as all Scrappin Doodles in one folder, all Ashley Hughes in one folder, then broken down by set in that folder), all by theme (holidays, animals, etc...) or even if it can be used for a freebie or not.  (Which, pretty much, would mean Scrappin Doodles in one folder and everything else in another since I don't have a SD freebie license!)

Also, how do you label your folders?  Right now, each of my clip art sets is in its own folder, along with any pertinent information that came with it (TOU, preview, button for credit, etc...)  Some of them are labeled by the name of the creator, while some are not.  

I'm a little OCD about this, but I'm not sure how to get these organized so they are the most effective for me, and easy for me to find!  I'm so OCD about my pictures, they are organized in folders by year, then month, then event, but my clip art isn't so cut and dry!

I'd love for you to share your methods for organizing your clip art!  


  1. I start off by month if they are seasonal and then go from there inside each. I keep a separate folder for frames and borders so I can see them all at once. For the "all purpose" I started keeping them by creator but then found that too time consuming to look through and I forgot what all was available. Now I make a separate folder for each set with the name of the actual clip art that is inside. That way all I have to do is scroll down the side and know exactly what's inside. I don't know if that helps but it's working for me pretty good so far.
    Karen Rowland
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    1. I have all of my clip art in the original folder that I downloaded them in. That is a LOT of folders. I think definitely putting the frames and backgrounds in their own folder has helped, though! I think I like the idea of having "seasonal" folders with the individual folders inside (which helps me keep who made them straight!) Then maybe for an all purpose, non-themed clip art folder, I could have themes like "animal clip art" or "people clip art" or something. Thanks for responding- I think this definitely got my gears moving!

  2. I am going crazy with mine too.... I also have the problem of having some on my computer at work. So, both computers are unorganized and I can't remember where I am putting everything!!

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    1. I have all my clip art on my computer(s) at home, but there is some that I have on my computer at school as well. I just have a few essentials at work, just in case, but I do most of my creating at home! It's not completely unorganized, but not as neat as it could be, and it makes me crazy!