Five for Friday! (Again!)

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I feel like the whole world has lost their mind this week.  One of the first graders from another class came in on Wednesday after being absent on Tuesday, and told me the craziest story (all true) about how his house got broken into the day before while the family was actually home!  I was so concerned about this poor kiddo.  Then I spent the last half of the week being nothing but angry because of a few things that have built up enough to set me off.  So I'm not only thrilled that it is the weekend so I can stay home, chill out, and relax, but I am also thrilled that I only have to work on Monday and Friday of next week because we have Tuesday-Thursday earmarked as snow makeup days, and Friday is conferences.  I am so glad to stay home most of the week (though I still have class) and forget about work for a few days.  Not that I would.

1.  We spent most of our writing time this week working on our informational books. :-)  These are going to turn out as great as our posters!  We're going to make sure we have some wonderful text features, such as a Table of Contents and Glossary.   I can't wait to see how they turn out, and I can't wait until my students get to share them with their families!

2.  I exited my first kiddo out of ECE (special education) services this week.  I've gone to initial IEP meetings to begin services, but never an exit meeting in the 5 years I've taught.  This student has just matured so much and made so much progress that she no longer qualifies.  It's a good thing. :-)  I'm so proud of how much she has matured!  (And if you knew how she was in pre-K or K, you would understand!)

 3.  One of my coworkers had a baby shower for her new baby boy at work on Tuesday.  I have pretty much decided that I can't just give someone a baby gift in a bag or box anymore, apparently.  So I bought a cute basket and filled it with onesies, hats, and washcloths.  Can you tell what they were supposed to be?

I also made her the elephant taggie.

My other coworker/friend had a baby shower on Saturday, and I made her this for her baby girl!  The mom (my coworker) is a huge Louisville Cards fan, and she loved it!  The baby's dad is a UNC Tarheels fan, because he's from North Carolina, so he wasn't as thrilled. :-)

4.  We have a grant in our school called Fund for the Arts, where our school gets money for arts related programs and events.  It's awesome.  We've been to see a play and The Nutcracker Ballet so far this year.  These are definitely opportunities that these students wouldn't have otherwise, so I'm so glad we have this awesome grant.  Today, this program called Walden Theater came to our classrooms to do some acting with my students.  They tied in Black History Month as well, so it was totally awesome!  The kids did a "tableu" of different Black History events that they provided.  They were hilarious.  One of the students was the statue of Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial, and he sat in the chair with his hands up like he was actually a statue!  They were just so sweet and funny.  I'm glad she came during the last hour and a half of the day (for an hour) because I didn't have to get them too calm, as it was our wellness time after she left!  Thank goodness, because they were totally keyed up!

They had to great each other by doing a motion and say their name as a sort of ice breaker.

Doing a "tableu"- the kid sitting on the stack of chairs is supposed to be the statue of Abraham Lincoln, the girl in the white shirt and khaki pants is Martin Luther King, the girl in the white shirt and skirt is supposed to be a while southerner, the girl in the khaki dress is supposed to be a supportive person, and so is the boy next to her.  This is the closest thing I got to the tableu picture, because the phone rang and I had to go answer it!  I wish I could show you the other kid who was in the tableu's picture, because his face was priceless!  He was supposed to be the Mayor of a Southern town.

This event is when Rosa Parks refused to get off the bus.  Rosa is in the middle sitting down, and the boy in the white shirt who is leaning away from her was the white person who didn't want to sit by her on the bus.  The girl in the white shirt to the left side of the picture is pointing to the back of the bus to tell "Rosa Parks" to move to the back.  The boy in the white shirt standing up is a police officer.  To the right side, we have Martin Luther King receiving a phone call alerting him to the situation.  His "wife" is standing next to him, and his "oldest child" is squatting on the floor.

5.  My best friend and her husband are in town before he leaves for deployment soon, and I got go see them tonight at dinner!  I'm totally broke (payday is next weekend) but our other friend was nice enough to buy me something for dinner so that I didn't have to eat celery and peanut butter for dinner!  I get to see her again tomorrow and probably Sunday as well before they leave to go back home.  Plus, they are bringing their two dogs, I and J (not their real names, of course), over to play with my dog Molly! :-)  (Every time I call those two I and J, I think of "Tagalong K" from Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  I even told my friend that she needs to get another dog and give it a K name.  She, of course, thought I was crazy!)

This is my dog Molly, at her agility class this week.  She loves agility!  She knows when we have agility, probably because I get home before dark!  This week, on the way to agility, she whined the entire way in the car!  We stopped at a stoplight, and I swear, I thought she might roll down the window (yes, she knows how!) and jump out of the car!

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Happy Weekend, everybody!  I'm starting mine off with a nice long NAP!!!  Night night!


  1. I love the idea of tableus. I am sure the kids really enjoyed them, and they require the students to be able to critically think about that person's life, movements, and character. Thanks so much for sharing, Erica :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

    1. I loved the tableus too. The same girl from Walden Theater came last year and did them then, but I think they were like ocean animals and some other random stuff. Still cute and fun, but I loved the way this year, she connected with a content area! We've been studying a bit about Black History (not nearly enough!), and I love that the kids got to use that knowledge! :-)

      Thanks for stopping by!