Robots in Love!

My second set of graphics is ready and posted to my TPT store, and I'm excited to share them with you!  Like my cupcakes, they are hand drawn and scanned in, then colored digitally!  (They almost didn't make it though, when my scanner started making funny noises and getting stuck!  Luckily, it made it through!  Phew!)

There are 8 robots, 4 color and 4 blackline.  I colored a few more (the little one with the heart in pink, for example), but these were my favorites.  They are available at my TPT store for $2.

I'm so excited about these, I've already made a product featuring them!  So excited!  I also have a product I've made using my cupcakes.  I love being able to create pretty things!

What do you think of them?

I'll be sending the winner of yesterday's giveaway their product soon!  If you haven't entered, you have a few more hours left (since I wrote this post yesterday and scheduled it to post!)  Can't wait to see what the winner creates with them!  They are on sale in my TPT store along with these robots!  Please check them out!

Thanks for reading!  I hope to have a fun freebie or something to post later this week!


  1. Love those adorable little love robots! So cute :)

    1. Thank you! I like them too! If you end up needing them for your giveaway, I can contribute these too!

  2. Hi, I am your newest follower, I found you through Khrys' giveaway.
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    1. Glad you're here! I'm always glad to have new friends! I'm already following you. :-)