"All Bundled Up" Literacy Centers and a possible writing activity?

I finally got the Literacy Centers I've been working on since Christmas posted today!  There are 6 winter themed literacy centers in this unit.  I've been using a few of them in my classroom, and the kids seem to really be enjoying them!

*And I think I got the preview to link to my TPT store!  Wow!*

I have to say, I love that paper. :-)  I want to use it on everything now!

This activity is a fact/opinion sort about penguins.  It goes perfectly with another unit I'm working on about penguins that I might get posted some day...

My class has been working on blends.  This blends sort has students sort different "s" blends such as "sl" or "sk".  

This is another sort where students sort sentences by whether they are an asking or telling sentence.  The sentences are all about playing in the snow, but I promise I'm not ready for a snow day yet!

This is a syllable sort with winter themed pictures.  

ABC Order is a concept that some of my students are still struggling with.  These cards go to the second letter.

This is a vocabulary sort to go with the language standard.  The students sort words into categories: animals, food, and objects)  My kids are working on this sort right now, and some of my friends who struggle with stuff like this are struggling a bit.  But the rest of them are doing pretty well with it.

I am putting this unit (and my entire store) on sale for 20% off through Tuesday, Dr. King's Birthday!  You can find the new unit here.

I've also been working on another unit, but I haven't decided if I'm ready to post it yet. It's pretty much finished, though.  I know there are lots of winter "how to" units and winter themed writing units available.  But I think this one is different.  One difference is that it is supposed to be a guided writing project.  I've actually begun it in my classroom already, but I think it might be a unit that takes awhile to teach.  I'm ok with that.

I began the unit by reading a book about whales with my students.  We are recording facts we found about whales on a "can, have, are, eat, live" chart.  When we finish reading several books, we're going to take that information and write a paragraph as a class about whales using the facts we found.  Then we're going to read some books about penguins and polar bears.  They will fill out their own graphic organizer along with me to keep in their writing folders.  Then they will use the planning sheet and write their own paragraph about a penguin or polar bear.  They get to choose.  I also am including some adorable paper plate crafts for a whale, a penguin, and a polar bear so they can be hung on a bulletin board.  The idea is that this is a way for students to take information they've learned and share it in paragraph format.  But obviously, first graders will need a LOT of help in this area.  I like the idea that it will help them get ready for second grade. :-)

This is the first time I've really done anything quite like this.  My Santa Needs a Vacation pack was something similar, I guess, but there was really nothing like it that other people have available.  So I'm concerned that somebody will think I took their idea.

So... my lovely 11 followers, what do you think?  (And I won't be offended if you say "Erica, that's not a good idea".  I'll just tweak it or use it in my own classroom!)  I'd definitely like your input, though!  Sometimes this trying to share my ideas with others makes me way more worried than it should!

I may also be willing to have somebody "proofread" it.  AKA look at it and tell me if I'm crazy or not!  I haven't decided, but I think that would be a great idea.

I'll be back later this week with a freebie of some sort.  It's been awhile since I've had something to share, and I am starting to feel like a slacker!

If you read this entire post all the way down to here, thanks!  You earn a gold star! :-)

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