Five for Friday 1/18/13

I know I'm a little late, but it's better late than never, right?  I even have pictures this week!

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This week was a better week than last week, for which I am very glad!  If I could just get rid of this persistent strained (not sore!) throat, I'd be one very happy girl.

1.  I got a new roof.
Monday morning, as I was still laying in bed, I heard some very loud, annoying noises that ticked me off.  I thought it was the garbage man, because they come on Monday morning.  I was laying there, just mentally cussing them out for being so loud.  I got up, got ready for work as normal, and was about ready to leave when I heard more noises outside of my house.  I looked out and there was a big truck in front of my house. I walked to the front and there was a whole bunch of roofing material sitting on the front walkway.  So I walked outside with my wet hair and no shoes to ask the guy if he was planning on leaving it there.  (Because it WILL get stolen.)  He said, no, they were going to start on my roof that day.  Color me surprised!  They had said they would be starting on it this week possibly, but they said Tuesday or Wednesday.  So I came home Monday night and had a brand new roof on my house.  
My poor plain little house! :-(  LOVE that dark grey roof!  (It was pretty much white before!)

They came back Tuesday to finish the roof on the garage, and they also put roofing on Molly's dog house!  Her dog house isn't finished yet (we're going to put the old round timbers that were on my back porch on it so it looks like a log cabin!) but the roof is so cute!  I'm also planning on covering her little pillow with some weather-resistant fabric I bought and maybe giving her a little curtain for the door to keep the weather and cold out.

The guys even painted the fugly furnace pipe so it blends in with the house more.  Anything to disguise that monstrosity!  

2.  I went to a baby shower.
My friend Leslie is pregnant and due in March, so we had a baby shower for her yesterday.  Well, I didn't have a baby shower, I went to a baby shower.  It was fun because I got to see some old friends from college (including Leslie) that I haven't seen in awhile!  One of them lives in Alabama, Leslie lives in Lexington, and the rest of us live around the city but we don't really get together often because of our differing schedules and busy lives.  But there were 5 teachers at this baby shower yesterday, so the girl in "charge", who is also named Erica, kept saying silly things like "give me five!" and setting the timer.  LOL.  It was hilarious.  

This was the most creative baby shower I've ever been to!  I made Leslie some of those "taggie" blankets that babies apparently love.  The UK one is for the University of Kentucky, for those not in the know.  College football is huge around here for some reason!  The brown and pink one matches the colors she chose for her nursery, and apparently, the colors for the baby shower!


I also took some onesies and rolled them up into cupcakes, with a pair of baby socks in the middle and a hairbow on top.  They were pretty cute.  I put them in a cupcake box too.  It was a little big, but everybody else seemed to think it was cute.  Another girl made Leslie a diaper wreath and a tutu for the baby.  And another girl crocheted her a hat for the baby.  I've never been to a shower where there were so many handmade gifts!

3.  We studied Martin Luther King this week.
I used this unit from Stephanie Stewart.  We worked on the timeline this week.  My students were so excited about the timeline!  They were so excited to take them home and show their families.  We worked on them for about 3 days, because I had the kids tape them instead of me doing it since I simply do not have that much time.  They did pretty ok with it once they got the swing of things.  


They worked really hard on their timelines!  I hung a few of them in our doorway, but they are kind of big so I couldn't hang them all.  But we watched "Our Friend Martin" on Friday (well part of it... technological issues), and it was really cool to see them making connections to what they learned about Martin's life and the different events such as the bus boycott.  If you want to watch the video yourself, you can find it here.  Granted, it's not a great looking version (whoever taped it played with the tracking a few times!) but my students didn't seem to care.  (They did care when the video stopped multiple times because either YouTube or our internet was sloooooowwwww though!)  We're going to finish watching on Tuesday, and work on the big words activity from that unit too!

4.  I was surprised with an impromptu observation when working on my new unit, and it went well!
In my school, we have 2 district resource teachers that actually work in our school building all day.  One is Math and K-2 reading (she was our math resource person last year) and one is 3-5 reading and writing, though they both help us with anything we need.  I approached them the other day about what I was planning to do in writing (the unit above) and shared reading throughout the next week or so, and they gave me some suggestions on how to make my idea better.  So I took their suggestions and we were working on Thursday when they came in the classroom.  I was doing exactly what they had suggested to me.  I had no idea they were coming, so it worked out really well!  Plus the lesson was going super well!  We are working on informational writing, so we had been reading books about whales to collect facts about whales.  

I wrote a paragraph with some facts about whales, but I threw some opinions in there as well.  We read the entire paragraph sentence by sentence and the students had to give me a thumbs up or down if they thought it was a fact or an opinion.   They did so well!  They even gave me reasons like "Well, I don't think they look funny because they have a blowhole on top of their head so that is an opinion" or "We just read that in that book so it is a fact."  AWESOME!  We also fixed a few of them to be "fact" sentences instead of opinion sentences.  It went so well, our resource teachers told me they wished they had an iPad to videotape the lesson.  The K-2 lady even told my principal about it. :-)  I love when things go well!

5.  I have a 3 day weekend.

Enough said. :-)

Hope the rest of you have a great weekend!


  1. Congratulations on your new roof! Hope you enjoy your three day weekend! :)

    Fun in PreK-1

  2. Thanks! I hope you enjoyed yours too!

  3. This is the first time I've heard of a roofing company doing the roof over a dog house. I have to admit that it's pretty nice of them. :) And talk about being efficient! 2 days to roof the house, the garage and Molly's house -- wow! -Jere @ Yancey Home Improvements