I am such a slacker!  I have been so busy, I finally found time to fill in this month's Currently.  I had 3 assignments due for my classes, and I needed to get them finished.  I have one more to do, and I have no motivation to do it.  Thus, the internet posting. :-)

So I feel like there just isn't enough space on those little Currentlys to write much, so I must explain myself.  Especially since my entire Currently has to do with being crafty and making ornaments!

Listening:  I hate Christmas music.  Actually, hate is a strong word.  I just prefer not to listen to it unless I'm in the mood.  Which is rare.  I know some people like to listen to it when they are decorating the house or making Christmas crafts, but I'm not one of them.  Call me Scrooge.  I don't want anything to do with it.  I will play Christmas music at school the last week or so when the kids are working on Christmas crafts, but it's silly goofy kids stuff like "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer."  I don't mind when my dad turns on the Trans Siberian Orchestra on Christmas Day too, but I had to draw the line on Thanksgiving.

Loving:  This year, I finally bought what I consider to be a "big girl tree."  My old tree was 6 feet tall, and I have 9 foot ceilings.  There was quite a ridiculous looking gap there.  So I finally sucked it up, and when Target had a pretty nice looking tree on sale, I bought it.  OMG, this tree is HUGE!  It is 7.5 feet tall, and it's 55 inches in diameter.  Compare that to my old 6 foot tree that is like 44 inches or so in diameter (it's written on the box, but I'm lazy.)  So I had no idea how many ornaments to buy for this new tree.  I was going to use the old ornaments and buy new ornaments for the old tree (which is now in the dining room), but I guess I changed my mind.  So now I have a new tree, in a new spot (in front of the front door of all places!), with new ornaments.

Thinking/wanting:  I really want to go to JoAnn Fabrics or Hobby Lobby or somewhere today.  I feel like my tree needs something more.  Like, not plain green and silver ornaments with a few bells thrown in.  I made some cool looking mercury glass ornaments for the tree, and while they are beautiful, they don't exactly stand out.  I was perusing the internet after coming home last night (bad idea!), and saw where somebody had taken some clear glass ornaments and covered them in alcohol ink.  I also saw where somebody used tissue paper.  I, of course, used all my clear glass ornaments to make the mercury glass, so that means I need to go out to the store to purchase more!  Not that I need more things!  That is my dilemma.  I also need a tree topper.  And a skirt, but I'm not willing to pay the prices I've seen at the store so I just took a scrap piece of fabric and laid it under my tree for now.

Needing:  Yep, more money.  I know the ornaments are on sale, but I still need more money to buy them!  Don't we all?

R.A.K.  I had to do a "service learning" project for my class this semester.  So last weekend, I went to the Center for Women and Families and helped to serve dinner one night and breakfast the next morning.  It was a pretty good experience.  :-)

So that's my Currently!  We've had a pretty busy week this week, so I will (hopefully) be back later this weekend to sum it all up!


  1. I am ADDICTED with a capital A to Hobby Lobby and Michael's! Yikes!

  2. Me too! And I, of course, ended up going to all three stores I said I wouldn't go to! Luckily, I bought too much stuff so I get to take some of it back!