Another freebie on TPT!

I had 62 people download my first activity on Teachers Pay Teachers!  And 2-3 pinned it too, apparently!  I am so excited!  I created this activity a while back to use in my own classroom, and I thought I'd go ahead and share it too!  It's not fancy, but maybe somebody else will find it useful?

It is a simple addition matching task.  The student will match the addition problem to the apple tree that it is equal to.  If you notice, the number of apples on the trees are equal to the number on the tree.  There is also a recording sheet that is included if you want to use it with your students!  (Which reminds me, I need to print that out to go with it for my students!  Oops!)

This activity meets the 1st grade standard 1.OA.3.  

You can download it here. :-)  If you download, PLEASE give me some feedback.  Preferably good?

I guess now that I have procrastinated for a really long time, I should get my behind in gear and work on my report cards that go out on Friday!  I wish they would just write themselves... I'm not feeling it this time around! :-(

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